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Public Member Functions

String getString (int dim)

Static Public Member Functions

FND_Dimension getInstance ()

Detailed Description

This class represents the available dimensions that can be used when transmitting a value within the FND-packet.
Manuel Kempf
Id,v 1.5 2004/11/15 16:27:37 jseitter Exp

Member Function Documentation

FND_Dimension  )  [static]

The unique instance of this class.

00074                                             {
00075     if (null == _instance) {
00076       _instance = new FND_Dimension();
00077     }
00078     return _instance;
00079   } 

String int  dim  ) 

Used to lookup the textual representation connected to a dimension number.

dim The dimension number whos textual representation is to be looked for.
A String containing the the textual represenatation of the dimension value.

00091                                     {
00092     return (String)dimensions.get(dim);
00093   }

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